Confluence: A Way Forward
April 6 – June 11
Featuring collagraph monoprints, collages and digital fabrications by Susan Grabel
Susan Grabel is a figurative sculptor and printmaker. Her work deals with the human dimensions of social issues. Her new work, Confluence: A Way Forward, arises out of a deep concern for the survival of our species and planet through this current vitriolic, hyper-partisan political climate. Confluence reflects her hope and vision – that only by coming together and embracing differences can we move forward.
Confluence features collagraph monoprints, collages and digital fabrications which mark a change in focus, process, and materials for Grabel. She had been working in this spirit and using these forms for a series of collagraph monoprints and collages for a number of years when she discovered, by way of the Staten Island Makerspace, how new technology and expertise could enable her to translate her work into larger scale pieces in wood using a laser cutter and CNC router. The digital fabrications in this show mark the first step in her new artistic journey.​